Happiness Consultant!

10 Oct

Don’t be hating on me cause I  make people happy …that’s what I was thinking when I read this blog earlier tonight (The actual words may have been ” Why does this girl say mean things and swear so much”, but I am taking liberties and making me sound waaay cooler – in fact, I may even have resembled  The Girl with The Dragon Tatoo chic when I said it).

Initially I thought the blog suggested that simply by airing our disappointment, women were shitting on one another or on themselves.  At first I took offense.  She was oh so close but personally, I prefer to get pissed with other women and talk about shit…ok, fine – occasionally I have been known to even take a shit while talking to  other women but see – I am still not actually doing any of this shitting on other women (ok, once in college but we were just experimenting…)

And then there was the shift when I realized that she wasn’t describing me anyhow – how could she be when we’ve never even met? Because though many of you may not know this  I am way more of aTanya, Happiness Consultant kinda gal (yes – even the wonky haircut).  Except without a Ray.  Just some really nice clothes that make women happy.

I get to spend my days help women dress better save money & improve the environment all in one fell swoop! And –   thanks to not being invited to ShesConnected (this time around), now I get to plan a party with some really new cool friends too! I want all to have a fantabulous night and really enjoy ourselves. So because I love to share the happiness: For anyone not able to attend #SCCTO  -for any reason at all – feel free to join our quickly growing #SoConnected twitter party!  Hope to see you there!!

p.s. Fro those wondering, I suspect cocktail Deeva & I will be bffs within a month and spend our time together coming up with wys to improve a black russian!!


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