Style – ishly back on track

14 Nov

Ok, so to be honest suzieswapper has sucked sweetly for the last few months (ok, I was gonna insert different word there but loved the alliteration) . I appreciate your patience while I went MIA.

The short explanation is that recently I have met all these incredibly talented women on Twitter and then later IRL (um, in real life) at a very cool Social Media conference held in Toronto,  BlissdomCanada. They are businesswomen, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, brand evangelists, photographers, etc. And I wanted to be just like them. But – lucky for you, I discovered – I am not.  So I came home from this conference and tried to write a post. Then another, and another. I even tried drinking, and for those who know me, understand how that turned out: cheeks that burst into flames (thanks Rosaescea), loud jerky movements, lame unfinished jokes, then  ending in lovely hangover  – but absolutely no untapped hidden writing powers.

So today,  headachy and grumpy I epiphanized (more on that word in a bit) that I am what I am – simply a girl who likes pretty/casual/fancy/comfy/vintage/stylish  clothes – and wants to share that with all of you.  So – without further ado, let me introduce myself as your newly launched Clothing Liaison.

Here’s the thing about this epiphany of mine: I realized after so many failed attempt at writing this, that you could care less about my writing skills. I could make up expressions and words regularly (ask my husband, I do!) and still it would not matter.  I will leave all the clever blogs to all the clever people, I am not one of you. I get to dedicate this blog to fun happy stylish clothing. And another AMAZING thing I realized (you won’t wanna miss this, really!!):

I like shopping. Alot.

The kind where I get to walk into the store and touch and smell and taste (no judging!!) NEW clothes.  I really do. That’s what got me into this fine mess in the first place. I don’t think we have to swap our entire wardrobes.

I am not fanatical – I’ll leave that to the vegans & Habs fans.

After much deliberation – and a bit of time at the mall the other day – I realized that I would like to collaborate with retailers, not work against them. I have come to the realization, that if I can save a hundred bucks by swapping a winter coat (which I ‘ve done) then I have no problem (ok, less of a problem) walking into Roots for a new bag. Or walking into Sephora for some lipgloss. Or getting an amazing facial (did that too!).

What a flippin relief: I get to make as many spelling/grammatical  erors errors as I like, I get to shop guilt-free, I get to hang out with all of you – but mainly I still get to enjoy swapping clothes with all of you!  so, join me on Facebook . You have to admit: It’s pretty….savvy!!


7 Responses to “Style – ishly back on track”

  1. angela ( jhscrapmom ) November 14, 2010 at 2:17 am #

    say what you want…i hang on every word you write…and think you out clever most…everyone out there.

    however, it is easy to get swept up in the moment and i am thrilled that you have had all these exciting experiences. it is all good:).

    and i think they will complement what you already do so well:). you are unique, your ideas are unique and i think that is what makes you, you:). and all the schmoozing you have recently been party to? will only help you on your missionfashionistic.

    marci, you possess an enthusiasm and chutzpah that is nothing short of amazing:)
    and now you just have more friends to share it with:)

  2. Mara Shapiro (@chickymara November 14, 2010 at 3:28 am #

    You are unique. And you do what you do really well. You have a great style, and you’re on track to knowing what you really want. And, you have great taste in friends! Thanks for the Linky up there. Love the post, the graphics,evertything.

  3. Beth Christie November 14, 2010 at 4:43 pm #

    This is a great post and I can relate completely. I’m new to Twitter and started a blog but have yet to write a post, other than my intro post. I have been reading so many other blogs and feel a bit intimidated. All of these wonderful ladies are fabulous writers and have such great valuable insights to offer. It seems like you have a great concept and a lot of support. You seem like you are staying true to yourself and are having fun doing it. Good for you!

  4. Bon November 15, 2010 at 2:02 am #

    sounds smart to me. also, i need that 50s housewife badge.

  5. jill November 15, 2010 at 4:13 am #

    funny, I thought this of you in the first place – collaborate with retailers for the best deals, pass on the savings, swap with like-minded hotties and head to the bar. I see that you are and didn’t even know it (minus the bar part – I get it – that red cheek thing is not so sexy and I know from experience!)!
    so, keep doing what you do. I didn’t know you weren’t. Can’t wait to get back to movin and swappin!!


  6. Amanda @InspireHamilton November 15, 2010 at 8:04 pm #

    Great post Marci – I can’t remember the exact quote, but I’ve used it a few times and I love it… be a first rate YOU instead of a second-rate someone else… :O) you do what you do – well!


  7. Somekindofmom November 16, 2010 at 7:00 pm #

    I didn’t go to Blissdom, but I can feel the power and effect it has had on people. I also love your style and think you ooze personality. I want to see more. 🙂

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