shiny happy swappers

17 Nov

I was cleaning up  earlier (hard drive, not the kitchen…gggrrr)  and I came upon photos of some friends in their swapped threads.

happy swappper

happy swapper

happy swapper

Once again, I was happily reminded that suzieswapper really does rock.  And has the ability to really make people happy!

happy much?

I needed that today- recently my universe has expanded and is being filled with tons of new amazing women, each with their own stories, memories histories. And with these, I am exposing myself to their lives, some filled with joy & happiness, but just as many equally filled with turmoil, death, sadness, heartache. And I suck at sadness, really & truly. It can fill me up, stuffing itself into every pore, leaving nothing left of me: no mom, wife, friend. So, believe me, you’ll like me better happy. And luckily it takes so very very little to do so. In fact, in case you are wondering, I have put together a very condensed version of things that make me happy (feel free to pass along to the Christmakah fairy):

Lipgloss that lasts (ideas anyone?)

lipgloss that lasts. for longer than 3 minutes

Sploshy red wine dinner parties with friends

sploshy redwine

Casually using words like sploshy, wonky, ubiquitous

Clothes. Shoes. Headbands

New girl crush, Gwyneth Paltrow (I’m quite sure she actually winks at me in this video)

Freshly washed sheets

Anything *apple

no, not this kinda apple...

So, it is light and inconsequential, this I know. But sometimes that’s what the day calls for.  What would you have on your list?


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