You can find suzieswapper on Facebook at   http://bit.ly/cvP2BJ

Suzieswapper.com, an online clothing swap that started on Facebook as a way for women to rummage through each other’s virtual wardrobes, is launching an international web site.   For the frugal fashionista who can’t justify keeping the outfits she never wears or dropping dollars on new ones, Suzieswapper.com offers a guilt-free way to replenish her wardrobe. Swapping is a fun, free and easy alternative to navigating malls and lining up for changing rooms.

The swap has grown wildly in popularity as ‘recycling’ and ‘responsible’ are becoming increasingly synonymous with “stylish” and “sophisticated.” “The swap was just getting too big to manage on Facebook,” says founder Marci O’Connor, who lives and swaps in the small Quebec town of Otterburn Park. “We needed space for the hundreds of pictures of clothes that started pouring in from women all over the world.”

Ms. O’Connor explains that many women can relate to a common experience.  She says, “I love clothes, so much so that sometimes I buy things and never ever wear them, for various reasons.  Or more likely, I’ve worn them, only to discover that what looks good on the mannequin looks hideous on me.  Swapping is the smartest way to clear out these items we all have, and get an entirely new wardrobe for FREE.”

Unlike the traditional swap, Suzieswapper.com uses an easy credit system, whereby points are assigned to all uploaded items. Once people request your items, you earn credits and can start swapping items for yourself, meaning free clothes! Another practical feature is the option to purchase points occasionally for those “must have now” items, like the fabulous Betsy Johnson dress or the purple Matt&Nat weekend bag if you don’t have enough points in your account yet.

Suzieswapper.com is a place for the free exchange of women’s clothes.  Not only does the site allow swappers to right their fashion mishaps, it also promotes an eco-friendly approach to the wardrobe.  Repeat users (aka swapoholics) find the act of “greening” out their closets very liberating.

At the moment Suzieswapper — currently hosted on Facebook as SuzieSwapper — is showcasing over 1000 pieces of clothing.  Our first swappers to pre-register at suzieswapper.com will receive FREE bonus credits just for signing up, enabling them to get their swap on.

Who is Suzieswapper? She’s pretty…savvy.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Sherry Fox June 28, 2010 at 10:32 pm #

    You can use a URL shortner. You can find one at http://bit.ly/

    Just put the above URL in, and it will give you a “short” URL to send to all your “shoppers”.

    Et voila!

    • suzieswapper June 28, 2010 at 10:35 pm #

      Or…you can come over to have a drink & a swap and walk me through it!

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