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A must read before BlissdomCanada

18 Oct

Years ago there was a FB page circulating.  When you received it, you were invited to  write 25 random facts about yourself. At the end, you pass it along to others and invite them to read it and create one of their own.  I barely remember writing it but I  accidentally came across it tonight.  It felt like finding an old diary entry (blushing furiously and eyes were bleeding).  Some of what I wrote was just crap, some thoughtful but mainly just regular “me” stuff.

Which got me thinking about transparency.  I recently joined Twitter (and yes, for the record – I am embarrassingly hooked).  So far, I am loving the experience – it suits my ADD-tendencies and need for speed just fine.  Everyone I chat with seems to drink about as much wine & coffee as I do!  And yet –  we don’t *really* know one another.  We just get to present whatever image we want in a sense. On twitter I hold a Phd in literature & paleontology and wear a size 4 . BUT – in a few weeks I am attending BlissdomCanada in Toronto and will be meeting a lot of these women for the first time.  I can wear heels and spanx, but I ain’t never gonna be a size 4 IRL (Twitter speak for In RealLife).  So I have decided to re-print my questionnaire and hope that it gives you all a chance to forgive me in advance for all of my lies (In the interest of boredom, I have edited this version first)

As much as I love reading about myself ( and I really really do, I swear!!) I am curious about all of you! Feel free to create your own list here in the comments.  I promise not to yawn!

2. I have contemplated botox and a boob job but remain undecided

4. I have also deliberately added some completely untrue statments but only a very few of you will know which ones are honest and true.

5. At the risk of losing my husband, I will not include irony in these statements.

6. I could have been married to a rock star, a politician, a chef, an athlete, an academic and I would still be married to the same husband/Patrick.

7.The above point is absolutely not one of the untrue selections.

8.I once laughed soooo hard, I peed my pants. And instead of remembering this with shame, I can’t wait for it to happen again.

9. As a kid, I really truly believed that, just as we watched the “little people” living inside the television, there were even bigger people watching us. Going to the bathroom was sometimes difficult.

10. I read way too much and way too fast. I’m just not always sure about the quality of the literature.

11. Fitness and health became really important to me a few years ago (as a teemager, i remember my friend May and I smoking during gym class, while the rest of the class were out jogging the block)

12. I am also very lazy about fitness and healthy living and pledge to improve

13. There are certain words I will never use. Healthful is one of them. Pasifistic is another.

14. I sometimes want to grow my hair really really long and dye it blond.

15. I am not forgetting to mention things about my boys but they are too private, and treasured, to share.

16. I am neurotic at times. Many many times.

19. I am discovering this is an impossible task without sounding pretty pretentious.

21. I wish I kept in better touch with some old friends.

22. I wish I lived closer to my mom

23. I hate my elbows

24. Years ago, on a date with Patrick, a complete stranger complimented me on my beautiful complexion. To this day, Patrick remembers this, and whenever I mention my losing battle with roseacea, he tells me that is completely untrue, and that even complete strangers notice my peachy skin. The compliment is now 14 years old.

24. I used to have tons of freckles on my cheeks and nose that have all just merged into one.

25. This was more fun than I thought it would be. Burn after Reading.

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