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your husband likes me. a lot.

28 Jun

I am,  for the first time in my life, popular with the menfolk.  I am talked about, sought after, practically gushed over, I’d say.  And yes, running a company with the word ‘swapper’ is what’s driving them!  just not in a creepy, mid ’70s keys in the fishbowl kinda way.  Which is good.  I’m talking about suzieswapper, my online clothing swap.  I am being used and I like it.  I get it. I offer a service that encourages us to really clean out our closets.  Apparently men like this.  And I offer FREE clothing.  This is the part where the men look up, finally curious.  and then I send women home, armed with pretty clothes, big smiles and oozing happiness.

And in case you’ve missed it, happy is IN.  And according to many contemporary studies, it is also highly contagious.

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

So there.  it must be true.

So, back to these husbands, crushing out on me.  ok, fine, loving the idea of suzieswapper, or more accurately, loving the idea of free clothes & no malls.  If you had to guess, which of the following looks would your beau love to see you in? Um, sidebar: yes, we are all not married, some us you are single and even more of you are “in love without contract”.  And yes, asking which outfit would  get your husband hot sounds like something  straight off the cover of last months Cosmo – or possibly even worse – A Feature Article from Women’s World circa 1952.  Whatever.  It’s clothes.  it’s fun, that’s all.  I have enough real life concerns, this is whimsical & beach reading worthy.  Just play & enjoy….for my part, though he’d never say it, my guess is my guy would go for the skinny jeans, steve madden look, though he knows me to be the whimsical gal…(This revelation just in: another added benefit of the swap: without investing any money and not much time, you can afford to try on different looks) …hhhmmm, except for the fact that the jeans wouldn’t make it past my “sturdy” eastern european ankles….let me know what you (and your boy) think!!  Oh, and did I forget to mention that all of the above items are still available to swap!!


Timberrrrrr!!! Or: Just call me Tim!

15 May

It ‘s not that I’m already out of clothes but you gotta understand it’s garage sale day.  and it’s raining.  My husband has already exhausted every lumberjack joke out there and it’s only 8:30am.  But the jacket’s a swap and its chilly out there and it’s the only one I have that qualifies.   There is a funky brown leather jacket available on suzieswapper.com or FB suzieswapper but the previous owner is me (divided in two) so Paul Bunyan (I am) it is….as for the jeans, yep, you’ve seen them before and you’ll see them again.  Whatever.

However, I am going out tonight to dinner and a show….dinner is casual, one of those great noodle places popping up everywhere (yes, snicker all you want, here in Quebec we are years behind the rest of you…)and the the show – um, might be interesting…it’s a drag show.  And since I haven’t allowed men’s clothing into the swap, I will dress as a lady.  I almost didn’t.  Facebook can sometimes be a bit like broken telephone and I had been reading the girl’s updates about proper clothing etiquette for the show….but I stopped reading right before they made the decision to remain true to gender (I think those in drag are given a discounted admission). The night could have been filled with way more laughter and tears, but alas, my good buddy cleared up the confusion for me, so I will get out the pearls and heels (neither of which are swaps, btw)..picture of that to follow….

p.s. yep, great leather jacket is still available….

ok, the weather changed and so did I…hollister grey vest, complimetns of Jenny, grey linen camisole swapped from Ellen, black gap a-line skirt…..

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