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hair loss. and what i wore.

22 Jul

Recently a friend was explaining that now that her kids were a bit older she’d like to return to work but she would really need to find something meaningful. something that contributes back to society.  Quickly, she looked up, realizing who she was talking to ( I am suzieswapper, afterall – creator of a clothing swap, a  materialistic vain endeavor, one could easily argue – and said that this was just her and she didn’t expect everyone to have the same values.  Seriously??

Simultaneously – and I don’t begin to grasp how the brain – especially mine – works, scenes from the movie Crash, episodes of Three’s company and  the guy who cut me off on the way to the hairdressers this afternoon all sprung to mind.  Crash – only saw it once but am not embarrassed to admit, found it the most enlightening film ever (themes of things not always being how they appear feature prominently in this movie). Ok – Three’s Company for it’s ubiquitous misunderstands.  And the guy who cut me off – well after I gave him the finger, I wondered, regretfully, if maybe his daughter had just had an accident or maybe his wife was in labour – see you never really know.

So after to this dim-witted friend of mine basically attacked my moral core & values in one fell swoop, I did question if suzieswapper was my contribution and did I feel ok with that. uummm, yes I do!!  Here’s the thing, yesterday I went for a haircut and it dawned on me I no longer felt like a super-model leaving the salon, and hadn’t for ages.  Seriously – do you know that feeling when you walk out of the salon.  Maybe you catch some chic looking in your direction and you’re convinced she’s deathly of jealous of you and your gorgeous locks – even if it’s just for the day, it’s a glorious feeling.  and I won’t ever get it back.  Around 2 years ago, I started losing my hair (which is ironic because I never ever liked it anyhow until I started finding it on my pillow rather than my head, in copious amounts).  And it’s not coming back either. A very close friend, and hair specialist, used words like alopecia and permanent but I had to stop listening. Also, I don’t have a great rack. Or a swan neck. Or dark sultry eyes.  But I do have clothes!  Pinks, purples, greens, blues…skirts, dresses, tanks & shoes.  And when I wear them I feel pretty.  And I smile more.  And studies have proven that spreading a smile can be as valuable as just about anything else.  so that’s my contribution to the world, you self-righteous, pompous naval-gazing thick-haired, swanny neck bitch!!!

And in case you’re wondering, my favorite locks these days are:

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