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Style – ishly back on track

14 Nov

Ok, so to be honest suzieswapper has sucked sweetly for the last few months (ok, I was gonna insert different word there but loved the alliteration) . I appreciate your patience while I went MIA.

The short explanation is that recently I have met all these incredibly talented women on Twitter and then later IRL (um, in real life) at a very cool Social Media conference held in Toronto,  BlissdomCanada. They are businesswomen, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, brand evangelists, photographers, etc. And I wanted to be just like them. But – lucky for you, I discovered – I am not.  So I came home from this conference and tried to write a post. Then another, and another. I even tried drinking, and for those who know me, understand how that turned out: cheeks that burst into flames (thanks Rosaescea), loud jerky movements, lame unfinished jokes, then  ending in lovely hangover  – but absolutely no untapped hidden writing powers.

So today,  headachy and grumpy I epiphanized (more on that word in a bit) that I am what I am – simply a girl who likes pretty/casual/fancy/comfy/vintage/stylish  clothes – and wants to share that with all of you.  So – without further ado, let me introduce myself as your newly launched Clothing Liaison.

Here’s the thing about this epiphany of mine: I realized after so many failed attempt at writing this, that you could care less about my writing skills. I could make up expressions and words regularly (ask my husband, I do!) and still it would not matter.  I will leave all the clever blogs to all the clever people, I am not one of you. I get to dedicate this blog to fun happy stylish clothing. And another AMAZING thing I realized (you won’t wanna miss this, really!!):

I like shopping. Alot.

The kind where I get to walk into the store and touch and smell and taste (no judging!!) NEW clothes.  I really do. That’s what got me into this fine mess in the first place. I don’t think we have to swap our entire wardrobes.

I am not fanatical – I’ll leave that to the vegans & Habs fans.

After much deliberation – and a bit of time at the mall the other day – I realized that I would like to collaborate with retailers, not work against them. I have come to the realization, that if I can save a hundred bucks by swapping a winter coat (which I ‘ve done) then I have no problem (ok, less of a problem) walking into Roots for a new bag. Or walking into Sephora for some lipgloss. Or getting an amazing facial (did that too!).

What a flippin relief: I get to make as many spelling/grammatical  erors errors as I like, I get to shop guilt-free, I get to hang out with all of you – but mainly I still get to enjoy swapping clothes with all of you!  so, join me on Facebook . You have to admit: It’s pretty….savvy!!

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