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Style – ishly back on track

14 Nov

Ok, so to be honest suzieswapper has sucked sweetly for the last few months (ok, I was gonna insert different word there but loved the alliteration) . I appreciate your patience while I went MIA.

The short explanation is that recently I have met all these incredibly talented women on Twitter and then later IRL (um, in real life) at a very cool Social Media conference held in Toronto,  BlissdomCanada. They are businesswomen, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, brand evangelists, photographers, etc. And I wanted to be just like them. But – lucky for you, I discovered – I am not.  So I came home from this conference and tried to write a post. Then another, and another. I even tried drinking, and for those who know me, understand how that turned out: cheeks that burst into flames (thanks Rosaescea), loud jerky movements, lame unfinished jokes, then  ending in lovely hangover  – but absolutely no untapped hidden writing powers.

So today,  headachy and grumpy I epiphanized (more on that word in a bit) that I am what I am – simply a girl who likes pretty/casual/fancy/comfy/vintage/stylish  clothes – and wants to share that with all of you.  So – without further ado, let me introduce myself as your newly launched Clothing Liaison.

Here’s the thing about this epiphany of mine: I realized after so many failed attempt at writing this, that you could care less about my writing skills. I could make up expressions and words regularly (ask my husband, I do!) and still it would not matter.  I will leave all the clever blogs to all the clever people, I am not one of you. I get to dedicate this blog to fun happy stylish clothing. And another AMAZING thing I realized (you won’t wanna miss this, really!!):

I like shopping. Alot.

The kind where I get to walk into the store and touch and smell and taste (no judging!!) NEW clothes.  I really do. That’s what got me into this fine mess in the first place. I don’t think we have to swap our entire wardrobes.

I am not fanatical – I’ll leave that to the vegans & Habs fans.

After much deliberation – and a bit of time at the mall the other day – I realized that I would like to collaborate with retailers, not work against them. I have come to the realization, that if I can save a hundred bucks by swapping a winter coat (which I ‘ve done) then I have no problem (ok, less of a problem) walking into Roots for a new bag. Or walking into Sephora for some lipgloss. Or getting an amazing facial (did that too!).

What a flippin relief: I get to make as many spelling/grammatical  erors errors as I like, I get to shop guilt-free, I get to hang out with all of you – but mainly I still get to enjoy swapping clothes with all of you!  so, join me on Facebook . You have to admit: It’s pretty….savvy!!


kind & generous

30 Jun

The lazy days of summer are a lie.  I discovered that last week and each day has confirmed it.  I love having my boys home, truly. I just didn’t realize that when their vacation started, mine would end.  I have played basketball, hockey, charades, golf, gone swimming to the mall & more.  We have been on “break” for exactly 6 days.  Critics may say I am contributing to the problem, that I should simply let them play.  I agree.  But we live on  street nestled away, quiet & peaceful.  Birds visit often.  But children, not so much.  Don’t misunderstand, left to their own devices, they would play these same games.  It would just be for minutes rather than hours.  Or end in a fight.  Or with a sprained finger, the way it did earlier.  I spent so much time when they were younger, encouraging them to make friends and be more independent and to play with others and too late, I discover this has totally backfired.  Short of moving to Sesame St ( or whatever the current cool equivalent is) they will have to accept the fact that their friends are not always going to be around.  Today was double the disappointment as both boys  thought they had plans with pals that did not work out in the end.  I felt like a failure for not having prepared them for this sort of disappointment (and yes I do recognize this is a minor one, perhaps just above realizing that your mom ate the last oreo).  But I dare you to spend 5 minutes in a room with two forlorn children.  Theoretically, there are all sorts of solutions (and some might argue that this is not even an actual problem) but for this day, in that moment it was.  And we were all in a funk.  Which sucked, because today I was going to write about the generosity of others….

I wanted to write about my old, old (sorry Dan) school friend who suggested that I consider turning the clothes swap in to a business.  And then when I politely ignored her, she  um, re-suggested it.  In fact, she is a successful entrepeneur herself  ( http://www.admiralroad.com )   and in the midst of writing a reference book with her business partner for other mompreneurs and yet she eagerly shared many ideas and insights with me.  I don’t think she realizes it but she has been invaluable in giving me the chutzpah to even think I could pull this off.  And then my next oldest friend Liz, found the words –  when I couldn’t –  to write my press release for me.  In a very short amount of time (and a huge heaping of patience), she was able to articulate suzieswapper in a way I never could.  A few kind strangers, hearing about my new biz, have made a point of sending me shout -outs and encouragement.  Tania Semper of efashionista.ca made it a point to pass along some valuable contacts.  Her business is planning a Fall launch so even more sweet, considering how busy she is.  And along the way, I have received tons of support from new friends Veronique and Jennifer, owners of a fabulous new spa Bella Clinique as well as my new bff’s from Smith Farms Products.  Their organic skincare line is  addictive!  I also became a member of  FTA (Fashion Takes Action), a company committed to finding innovative and eco-friendly ways to be fashionable.  Jill Balser’s incredible enthusiasm and encouragement is contagious and sincere. She has me convinced this is the right path for me!

Recently, I decided to create a fabric pouch to use for my calling cards.  My next idea was to ask, um, someone, to donate their fabric scarps/remnants to me for this purpose.  I though it was another innovative way to showcase the creative ways  we can reduce/reuse (and remain pretty & cute!).  so I asked a few gals,  Annabelle & Emeline of the newly opened sewers dream workshop/studio/ cafe and they generously agreed.  And just for fun, I sent out an email to my all-time favorite tv show host from Design Inc, Sarah Richardson & her amazing colleague Natalie. I explained what suzieswapper was all about, and asked them ( really really nicely) if they would also consider donating some fabric. And they did!

So, on a celebrity scale,  I would have to say Ms. Richardson is my bestest and biggest contributor.  But in real life, hands-down, it has been my two closest friends, Patrick & Caroline.  In Danielle’s upcoming book, she argues in favour of having a business partner, if for no other reason than to have another person as willing to talk about the biz as you are. At this point, I bet they would just as soon see this project fold as succeed, as long as I would shut up about it from time to time.  I do make a point of asking about their days, their plans.  But we all know I’m just faking it.  I can’t help it.  On so many levels, this is the most exciting thing I have created (Stop right there, I have not forgotten my children – but seriously – the whole getting pregnant & then  giving birth is many a splendid thing, but creative it is not).  Put it this way – when my oldest was just a few days old, I used to take him to the local cafe and sit on the patio, drinking a latte and reading the paper, acting oh so casual…until  a stranger would  comment, politely & innocently on my newborn.  Patrick had to interupt many a conversation where I would – in great red cheeks flaming just at the memory of it all – explain in excruciating detail, my son’s latest bowel movement, frequency of, etc.  I just found it all so fascinating, really & truly.  So you can imagine the “crap” that Caroline & Patrick have to put up with now.  And I am so genuinely grateful to them both for it.

So now we have come full circle – on the one hand I do not want my children to need to depend on anybody for their own happinness.  And yet on the other, I wouldn’t be pursuing this project without being able to count on mine…

your husband likes me. a lot.

28 Jun

I am,  for the first time in my life, popular with the menfolk.  I am talked about, sought after, practically gushed over, I’d say.  And yes, running a company with the word ‘swapper’ is what’s driving them!  just not in a creepy, mid ’70s keys in the fishbowl kinda way.  Which is good.  I’m talking about suzieswapper, my online clothing swap.  I am being used and I like it.  I get it. I offer a service that encourages us to really clean out our closets.  Apparently men like this.  And I offer FREE clothing.  This is the part where the men look up, finally curious.  and then I send women home, armed with pretty clothes, big smiles and oozing happiness.

And in case you’ve missed it, happy is IN.  And according to many contemporary studies, it is also highly contagious.

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

So there.  it must be true.

So, back to these husbands, crushing out on me.  ok, fine, loving the idea of suzieswapper, or more accurately, loving the idea of free clothes & no malls.  If you had to guess, which of the following looks would your beau love to see you in? Um, sidebar: yes, we are all not married, some us you are single and even more of you are “in love without contract”.  And yes, asking which outfit would  get your husband hot sounds like something  straight off the cover of last months Cosmo – or possibly even worse – A Feature Article from Women’s World circa 1952.  Whatever.  It’s clothes.  it’s fun, that’s all.  I have enough real life concerns, this is whimsical & beach reading worthy.  Just play & enjoy….for my part, though he’d never say it, my guess is my guy would go for the skinny jeans, steve madden look, though he knows me to be the whimsical gal…(This revelation just in: another added benefit of the swap: without investing any money and not much time, you can afford to try on different looks) …hhhmmm, except for the fact that the jeans wouldn’t make it past my “sturdy” eastern european ankles….let me know what you (and your boy) think!!  Oh, and did I forget to mention that all of the above items are still available to swap!!

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